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Elementary AU Entry - Sicily by ms-regionnaire Elementary AU Entry - Sicily by ms-regionnaire
Elvira takes her food seriously, okay
don't fahk with this food. /slapped

ich, this seems disproportional in so many ways, i'msosorry
I took the picture kinda slanted like and yeah-
but I hope it's alright ; u ;

Name; Elvira Vecchio
Nicknames; N/A
Gender; Female
Age; 18 going on 19
Subject(s); Cafeteria & Theatre

Personality; Elvira is extremely outspoken and blunt, normally not so great at keeping secrets. She has an unconscious curiosity and tends to eavesdrop, making her a great source of gossip if you want to hear what's happening in the cafeteria or the theater. She can be quite arrogant and tends to be a real perfectionist when it comes to food. Once you get past the arrogant, food perfectionist, Elvira is generally a tolerable person, if you can deal with her always wanting to be the best she can be. Depending who she's around, she can keep her attitude in check and get things done. Once you get her talking about something she thoroughly enjoys, it's hard to get her to shut-up.

Strengths; This girl absolutely loves to cook, though hopefully the others enjoy their share of spicy foods, because that's how she likes to prepare it. She enjoys to dance, sometimes sing, and likes to try to help organize theatrical events with the other theater dwellers. which normally only gets her into an argument with one of the others.

Weaknesses; She's not a great multi-tasker, other than being able to ramble on about something and cook at one time, she tends to get into arguments rather easily, and she'll say whatever is on her mind, which in turn gets her into more arguments. Her arrogance leads her to get slightly envious of others with a talent she's not so great in, so she'll try to out-do them, which has gotten her injured on a few occasions- She's also terrified of spiders.

Likes; She's always either cooking, dancing, or just rambling about something she's interested in. In turn, she enjoys it when people like her cooking, dance with her, or sit and listen to her rambles. She does like hanging out with the other dwellers.

Dislikes; She dislikes it when people interrupt her, she hates when people try to convince her that she's wrong or too arrogant, and she really dislikes being called 'Italian', so she will correct you.

Talents; Elvira's a great dancer and cook. She loves to help make sets for theatrical events, as well, normally sketching out plans or painting. she's also a pro-arguer /slapped

Flaws; Elvira is awful when it comes to building and heavy lifting, and tends to drop things on people's feet. Whenever she is carrying around a bulky load, she'll normally stumble around and bump into people.

( I based them off the people she'd interact with in the subjects she's in, eheh- )

Greece/Heracles; As his older step-sister, she's always either picking on him or making him try her food. She has an odd way of showing that sisterly love, usually just waving her hands about before telling him to go try something she just cooked. But, oh, how she dislikes his lazy, sleepy nature.

Belgium/Emma; Emma, well- she confuses Elvira. She's always so happy- But, Elvira's always ready to take friendly advice from her when it comes to cooking.

France/Francis; One of the people she can tolerate, she'll usually take his side in an argument (unless it's with her, of course). She'll normally insist on teaching him one of her dances for theater.

India/Rajan; She's always praising him for his food because she loves spicy foods. "Almost as great as mine." (/slapped) But, she doesn't see him as a bother, other than a stray argument over food.

Thailand/Somchai; They tolerate one another; her because he's normally quiet, him because she normally doesn't bother him.

Ukraine/Yekaterina; Their relationship is based on reciprocity; Yekaterina's always so nice to everyone, so Elvira is nice in return, and doesn't normally argue with her.

Austria/Roderich; Ugh, always the one to argue with, that one. He's normally asking for it, that stiff. Elvira does hold some respect for him, though, only for his modesty.

England/Arthur; More respect for modesty. However, their personalities tend to clash, with her wanting to do things her way and loudly at that, it's not the best mix. Hot-heads arguing, man.

Portugal/Joao; Tolerable, at most. They share a few common interests, but they don't normally butt heads.

Philippines/Maricela; Elvira will, normally jokingly, boss her around, though she really doesn't expect her to go through with it. She'll normally ask Maricela about what's going on about the Dwellers, what with her being a receptionist, after all. Add her to the tolerated list.

South Korea/Yong Soo; Certainly someone to be loud with; usually her telling him to shut-up, though. They've had a competition to see who could be the loudest, once, in theater-

Romania/Vasilica; Aside from Francis, Elvira will normally hang around Vasilica in theater, sometimes just so she can ramble, others to hear him tell her some fairy tale.

I ship SiciGypt, ahaha- Whether or not you actually use it, I won't mind, it is your doujin after all. u v u

ughughugh I shouldn't type bios at 1 am

Elementary AU and Philippenes OC; :iconmelonstyle:
Art and Sicily OC; :iconforeverawkwardturtle:
Hetalia; Himaruya
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TheOwlArtist Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014  Student General Artist
Love this! (-Is sicilian and totally connects with this character) 
ms-regionnaire Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014
wow, thank you! :'D that certainly means a lot to me!
Melodic-Enigma Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014  Hobbyist

Omggg, your entry is so perfect! The content is really great :iconpapmingplz:

Have I ever told you how much I love this sassy lady, asdfgghj ;u;

ms-regionnaire Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014
asdja, cry, thank yooou :iconblushuplz: it seems like a really cool au too omfg

cry, my little sassy princess sakhj /slapped
Melodic-Enigma Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014  Hobbyist
Ah, I also want to wish you good luck with the contest! C:
Melodic-Enigma Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014  Hobbyist

No problem :hug: Ikr? *o*

Apfff, yes x'DD

X-I-L2048 Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I like the little comic you made with Maricela. X3
lupang-hinirang Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2013
(( ahhh, great job on this entry! I like it a lot! :D ))
ms-regionnaire Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2013
eep, thanks!~ ; u ; my next one should be up soon, too!
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